Some of our colleagues are getting behind our #triedandtasted campaign and here is what they had to say!

Brad Tuckfield had to fend off his dog when he sampled our Irresistible mince pies

Karen was on the hunt for gifts in our stores and found the wonderful local gift - Make your own craft beer in a bag!

Katie decided to change up her warm drink routine by blogging all about our new 'fab' (her words) tea advent calendar and also the Irresistible Clementine Jewelled Chocolate Honeycomb.

You can read what she had to say by CLICKING HERE

Our Membership and Community Relations Officer Kym really enjoyed sampling some mince pies!

Funeral Director Andy has had a battle on his hands trying to grab one of these sweet treats!

Little hands were also trying to grab some Pigs in Blankets Crisps.